Date11th Dec 2019
AuthorLauren Kirkland

14 fail-proof marketing tips to bring Christmas cheer to you and your customers!

We’re no strangers to a creative brainstorm, and we know how exciting this time of year can be for getting those creative juices flowing and pushing one last extravagant campaign out before the end of the year. After all, it is Christmas.

With so much competition with creativity nowadays, and with just 14 days to go until the big day, Boxed Red are giving you 14 of our fail-proof marketing ideas for how to reap success in the last month of 2019 that you can also take with you into the new year, and inject some joy into your marketing strategies, whether it’s a cracking Christmas campaign or a knockout new year plan!

1. Bespoke animations

This option is packed with personality, allowing you to capture the very essence of your business with the versatility of a multi-channel delivery from social Media to email campaigns!

2. Get poetic with your creative copy

Sum up your year and thank your customers in this unique, entertaining and above all memorable way, written entirely based around your business, a bespoke poem can be used across a number of deliverables.

3. Christmas card

Give the classic Christmas card a personalised twist with your logo, branding and company message. Something your clients can display throughout the holiday season, ensuring you stay at the forefront of their minds this festive period!

4. Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise has always been popular, and with clever placement of your branding, you can transform a variety of items into true Christmas crackers!

From traditional items to more festive fare, this option provides versatility and bags of personality to your Christmas activity, and will help to:

  • Turn happy customers into brand advocates
  • Strengthen existing relationships
  • Say a big thank you
  • Promote festive cheer!

5. An eye-catching email campaign

An eye catching email landing in your customer’s inbox is a lovely way to spread Christmas cheer and say thank you. Completely branded up with your own message, email campaigns provide an efficient solution when it comes to saying Merry Christmas to those all-important customers.

6. Engaging countdown social campaign

With Social Media having such a huge influence on top tier decision making now within businesses, it’s already the perfect platform to spread some Christmas cheer! Build up the excitement as you count down to the big day! A Christmas countdown campaign allows you the opportunity to offer a mix of treats for your clients – anything from a top tip of the day to a daily giveaway!

7. Boxing Day/New Year campaigns

Ah, the infamous Boxing Day sales. Take advantage of the seasonal peaks of buying activity and be active in the minds of those searching for what you offer, with an integrated marketing campaign centered around these peak times.

A spike in purchases can be seen on Boxing Day, and translates to even more sales than the Sunday prior to Christmas! New Year’s Day is also becoming more profitable as well, with an increase of 32% in buying activity compared to previous years.

8. Emphasise your Christmas Marketing PPC Advertising

It’s a well-known fact that Google likes to boost adverts that are most relevant to the user’s search terms, so putting in the time to make sure your PPC advertising is spot on will guarantee that your winter campaigns are successful. To make sure your campaigns end up on the nice list this Christmas it’s important to ensure that your keywords are optimised to what customers will be searching for, that your budgets are competitive and that your quality score is high.

9. Strong CTA

CTAs (Call to Actions) help you strike while the iron’s hot when it comes to your customers and their behaviour! Using the throughout campaigns help to entice customers to your website, as well as using keywords that make your searches relevant. We know that the Christmas period brings the maximum amount of sales opportunities for many companies, which is why our team of PPC elves are on hand to maximise your ROI and increase sales and leads.

10. Festive Games

In previous years, we have thoroughly enjoyed developing a number of Christmas games that our clients have promoted via all sorts of deliverables, the possibilities are endless with this super fun and engaging idea! You can conceptualise a fun, engaging integrated campaign that your customers will love whilst making sure your campaign reaches its full potential and meets your needs as a company.

11. Supersize your SEO strategy

Don’t be afraid of throwing those Christmas key words out there, and getting creative with your blogs. Google Trends and Google AdWords can help you find out all the information you need; from what search terms are trending in that month, which are more effective, and the volume of how many times they’ve been searched even!

Look out for our SEO blog that’s coming up, to make sure you get a head start on successful SEO-ing in preparation for the New Year!

12. Engage with your loyal audience

Don’t forget to engage with your loyal customers, because there’s nothing that makes them feel more important and valued! Social Media creates the perfect platform to engage with your audience, and engagement is more than just the accumulation of followers across social platforms. Businesses that focus on building their social media engagement can benefit from better marketing reach and ROI, and a greater brand awareness that makes it easier to attract new customers.

13. Remarketing is your best friend for the season

Remarketing isn’t just an effective year-round marketing strategy – it’s a technique that’s ideally suited to holiday shopping buying behavior. Think about how you purchased gifts for your loved ones last year. Did you click on the first ad you saw, and bought the first product on sale at that first website you visited? Of course not. Chances are you shopped around for the very best deals, just like millions of other people. This presents a crucial opportunity for marketers using remarketing, as it allows them to capture “lost” traffic by capitalizing on prospects’ reluctance to buy from the first site they visit in the hopes of finding a better deal elsewhere.

14. Lastly…Plan, Plan and Plan!

Whether it’s a Christmas campaign to blow the creative socks off your audience, or a New Year campaign that’ll give you a successful start to the year, it’s important to make the most out of the time! Goals are what take us forward – goals are what keeps us growing, learning and improving. Defining your goals and strategy will help your business see more sales in the festive period.


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