Date10th Oct 2017
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Is Your Company Ready for GDPR?

Whether you feel it’s a good thing or not, for businesses across the UK and Europe, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is something that cannot be ignored. So, is your business ready?

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new regulation that is being brought in by the powers that be in Europe in an attempt to increase the privacy of consumers and their personal information within the European Union.

What this essentially means for marketers is that unless customers on your mailing lists have explicitly opted-in (and you can prove it!) to receive marketing from you, you cannot contact them from 25th May 2018.

So What Do I Need to Do?

Depending on how big your customer base is, determines what you need to do right now.

If you only have a small marketing list, you can probably afford to wait a month or two before rolling out your campaign to retain your existing customers. However, the sooner you get started the more likely you are to keep your existing lists as full as possible.

If your company has lots of lists of many customers, you should act now to make sure you retain as many of your contacts as possible! We recommend engaging a workflow email campaign to urge existing customers to opt-in to receive marketing material from you in the future.

What Can Boxed Red Do For You?

For our existing clients and for any new clients, we are able to assist with the strategy, design and implementation of your GDPR opt-in email campaign.

We suggest an email campaign to your existing customers, outlining that they need to re-opt-in for marketing communications. If they do opt-in, great! If not, we will then follow up with additional emails depending on the actions the customer has taken.

We will work with you to determine how we can retain your existing marketing lists whilst falling in line with GDPR.

I Don’t Want to Bother with It

We understand that GDPR is a bit of a headache that no one wants, however, you can’t ignore it!

There are hefty fines for anyone found not complying with the new GDPR laws, so we highly recommend you start to implement your opt-in plan sooner rather than later.

What to do Next?

To find out how we can assist you and your company to comply with GDPR and keep your existing mailing lists, contact us today!

Please note, whilst we can advise you on how to retain your existing company mailing lists and comply with GDPR, we recommend seeking professional, legal advice to ensure you fully comply.

NB: We have a White Paper coming soon with tips and more in-depth advice about GDPR – make sure you keep an eye out for it.


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