Date18th May 2018
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How Does an SSL Certificate Help with SEO?

Would you trust a website that didn’t display a padlock and the word ‘Secure’ before the URL? How would you feel about visiting a website that is flagged as being ‘unsecure’ whilst it is loading?

If your response was ‘I’d leave the site’, you’re not alone – in fact, approximately 43% of consumers abandon a website when they see a security alert message upon arrival! Thankfully for you, there is a simple solution to not only ensure your customers stay on your site but to assist with your SEO efforts too.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

To avoid a drop in both your traffic and search listings, you should implement an SSL certificate onto your website sooner rather than later. An SSL acts as an encrypted link between the server and a website, meaning your information is kept safe and private.

Not only does this give your customers peace of mind knowing that their information is protected when they’re browsing your site, it is also now a ranking factor in Google’s search results.

SSL and SEO – What’s the deal?

Since 2016, Google has hinted that websites which have implemented an SSL certificate on their website might be favoured in their search listings, but they have now announced that any website not using a URL that is proceeded by ‘HTTPS’ will be penalised in an attempt to improve internet security.

Whilst this is only one of many ranking factors, it is thought that around 84.9% of all searches online are conducted via Google. Because of this, if your site is not using an SSL, you can almost guarantee that your website will be penalised and moved further down Google’s search listings.

SSL for Legitimacy

Not only is having your website on an HTTPS URL beneficial for SEO and personal security, it also helps to confirm the legitimacy of your website. Many phishers now attempt to recreate reputable websites on a non-HTTP (not secure) URL in an attempt to steal private information and commit fraud.

If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of any website you are being linked to, always double check that the website is secure and that the URL starts with HTTPS. This will safeguard your information and ensure you don’t fall victim to internet fraud.

My site doesn’t have an SSL

If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, you can contact our team today who will be glad to assist you by emailing us or calling us on 01565 632 112. We know that implementing updates and new features to your website can be a painstaking process, which is why our team of developers are on hand to make this stress free for you.

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