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Which social media platform is right for your business?

Regardless of company size and industry, no one can deny that social media is anything else than a great marketing tool for businesses. Social media offers high engagement rates, a huge reach, massive audiences as well as being cost-effective and current than some other advertising channels.

With hundreds of social media platforms out there, it can be an overwhelming decision about which ones to focus on. Whether you try to dominate on Twitter or are more focused on growing your Instagram following, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to social media.

Will social media help my company?

In the social media world, there are platforms that are going from strength to strength such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter, and these can be amazingly powerful tools for your company.

We’ll take a look at each of the ‘big 4’ social media channels and which one is right for you and your company.


Whether you just want a platform for keeping an eye on your customers to see what they’re saying or if you want to use it as a marketing platform, Facebook can be extremely beneficial for business owners.

Now with over 1 billion active users, Facebook is an advertising platform that simply cannot be ignored.

Using Facebook Pages allows your brand or organisation to have a face in a very busy marketplace online. According to, the average CPC of a Facebook ad is £1.32, meaning it’s a very cheap medium that gets your brand in front of a huge audience!

Whilst this is an average cost across all of Facebook advertising worldwide, we found that for one of our property clients who invest heavily in social media, their CPC was just £0.23! Yes, 23p per click to the website, making Facebook traffic a very cheap, yet engaged source of visitors to your website.


Whilst Twitter is still waiting to make their first profit from the social media platform, it’s very easy for you to see yours rise by using their advertising platform!

In fact, according to Twitter’s own research, their advertising platform can increase offline sales and conversions by up to 29%.

Again, one of our clients achieves just 21p per twitter click through to their website, highlighting how cost-effective this advertising channel is!


We love Instagram at Boxed Red, it’s a different style of social media to Facebook and Twitter. Instead of text-based posts with pictures and video, these are video and picture-based posts with text – and it’s growing… quickly!

Now at 700 million monthly users, this Facebook-owned social media platform is a must for almost any company.

As well as having a much higher engagement rate for organic posts, when you link your Facebook account with your Instagram account, you can show your adverts across BOTH platforms at the same time.

This means when your fantastic adverts show across Facebook, it’s also showing on Instagram too. This dual platform capability means your social media advertising budget doesn’t need to break the bank as it’s split across the two! Brilliant or what?


Whether Linkedin should or shouldn’t be classed as a social media channel is still up for debate – personally, we feel it is, however, there are some who feel it should purely be a professional platform.

Either way, what can’t be ignored is how important Linkedin can be for your company. Whether you’re advertising a job opening, company growth or your latest business award, Linkedin has a great audience base for you to take full advantage of!

Linkedin does require a slightly higher daily budget of approximately £8/day, however, your audience is considerably more targeted. Whilst Facebook and Twitter allow you to target your customer base very well, Linkedin targeting ensures your targeted audience is fully engaged.

This is because people are more reserved with what they put on Linkedin and who they follow/like. Whereas on Facebook your customers may have hundreds of irrelevant pages they liked in their teens, people are seen to be more professional on Linkedin, so are less liberal with their page likes, resulting in more specified targeting.

So, which channel is for you?

Ultimately, only you can decide that. We’d recommend a mix of these big 4 social media channels depending on what’s important to your business. If your business is more creative, we recommend Instagram and Facebook. If you’re in a corporate industry, Linkedin and Twitter updates may be more beneficial for you.

Either way, we feel going into 2018, your company must have some social media presence!

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