Date24th Aug 2016
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What is a brand?


 At Boxed Red, we love working with our clients to develop a brand identity they can be proud of.

But that brand is so much more than the logo, strapline and colour choices, so today we’re delving a little deeper to discover exactly what makes a great brand.

First though, here is what a brand is not:

  • A logo
  • Your company name
  • Colour choices
  • A set of brand guidelines

All of these elements are extremely important parts of a brand identity and each one helps customers recognise your company, but none of them alone can represent your brand.


Your brand encompasses everything about your business and represents who you are.

It is a story manufactured about your business that represents your vision and guides the way you communicate with customers.

The elements of a brand identity outlined above help contribute to this way of communicating, and each one is carefully crafted to represent the vision you have created for your business.


To help ensure your brand is communicated effectively, it’s important for us to get an understanding in a few key areas, specifically:

  • Your target market and ideal customer
  • Your key differentiator and unique proposition to the market
  • Your vision for the future of your company

From this information, we’ll develop a series of engaging key messages and establish a brand communication strategy that truly reflects who you are, and compels your target customers to engage.

It’s at this stage we’ll create your logo and straplines, and identify the typefaces, colours and other assets that make up the core of your brand.


Your brand also represents your company culture, so your employees must live and work by the messages too. If your brand communication says you offer excellent customer service, you must act on that every day.

The most successful brands are built on this type of culture, so it’s vital that everyone you employ buys in to your vision and does everything they can to uphold it.

Let us help you establish a consistent and engaging brand identity that captures the imagination of your target market and turns them into your most loyal customers.

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