Date21st Sep 2015
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Taking a quick look at the WordPress REST API


It’s time for another one of our talented developers to take the reigns of the Boxed Red blog as Ben teaches us more about the WordPress REST API. Confused? You won’t be after this…

Since the birth of WordPress in 2003, it has been used predominantly as a blogging platform, where users could quickly and easily set up a blog-style website and start communicating with the world.

This setup process has always been easy and the WordPress platform very simple to use, meaning the company has gone from strength to strength, attracting a significant number of new users over the years.

However, as developers we’re starting to face difficulties and problems due to the inflexibility of WordPress and its limitations as a platform. One issue in particular, is that WordPress was never designed to manage large or complex websites, which has caused some HUGE headaches for developers over the years (myself included!).

But WordPress has heard our calls for help, and there is a very exciting prospect on the horizon. help for parents Introducing… the WP REST API.

The WP REST API allows users to access the data on their WordPress website through a HTTP REST API, which allows for greater control and flexibility, and is something that could be a game changer in the world of WordPress website development.

As a result of this new technology, developers will be able to integrate other frameworks into a WordPress website, including Ruby on Rails and AngularJS to name a few. And with the ever-expanding development of the web, we are hearing more and more about client side JavaScript frameworks, which will now be completely possible using WP REST API.

The ease of using WordPress combined with the WP REST API will bring some very exciting prosects to the world of development, and most importantly, gives you an opportunity to have the WordPress website you need, without experiencing limitations.

We can’t wait to start working with this exciting new tool, so drop us an email if your website could do with an overhaul!


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