Date18th Nov 2010
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Reasons why small businesses should be using Twitter

Okay, so it feels a bit weird admitting that you ‘tweet’, you sound even weirder saying it, and Rio Ferdinand is a big advocate… but don’t let these put you off using Twitter to get your business noticed.

Despite being in existence for over four years now, and currently having around 175 million users worldwide, many companies outside of the media, entertainment and leisure industries are still slow to catch on to the advantages of condensing your thoughts into 140 characters.

Sorry, did I mention the 175 million users worldwide? Oh, I did. Then you’re probably registering right now. But if a potential audience of that size isn’t enough to persuade you to get your tweet on, I guess we here at Boxed Red had better give you even more reasons to do so.

And in true Twitter style I’ll keep each reason the size of perfectly formed ‘tweet’ (ugh, it doesn’t get any easier!).

Here we go:

@You can engage with your customers

Most advertising talks AT the audience. From TV to press ads – it’s all one way. Not Twitter. People can respond to you, communicate & engage

@You can build relationships

And once you’re communicating with customers a relationship forms. You become more trusted, more valued and thus more attractive to buy from

@You can create brand loyalty

As a more accessible, trusted business that’s making personal connections with its customers, you’re far more likely to see them returning

@You can watch your competitors

Wish there was an easy way to monitor competitors? Follow them to spy on what they’re saying, doing, what promotions they’re running etc.

@You can watch yourself

Don’t just watch competitors; keep an eye on yourself too! You can search your company name and see what others are saying about you

@You can support your brand

What you talk about, how you talk and to whom all helps to build your brand. Use Twitter to find a voice and establish your personality

@You can get to know your customers

Be sure to read your followers’ tweets and you’ll learn just what makes them tick, adding real depth to that all important customer profile

@You can let them know what’s what

So you’ve got some news/promotion and want to tell everyone, but don’t want to fork out for the PR and advertising? Then just tweet it

@You can take the lead in your market

Tweet about the latest trends and useful info in your sector. Or start conversations and trends yourself. You’ll soon be seen as the expert

@It’s free!

Okay, you may put a value on your time, but really, these 140 characters don’t cost a penny yet could bring in sales and new business

@It’s just what businesses do

If they don’t already, customers will soon just expect you to be on Twitter. Everyone else is, after all. So don’t go and let them down

You see, just some of the plentiful reasons why putting your business on Twitter is becoming essential.
In fact, it’s now becoming so popular with businesses that Twitter themselves have created a little business guide – the Twitter 101 . Go take a look for some more information, and be sure to keep popping back to the Boxed Red blog for future tips and hints on how to get the absolute best out of Twitter.

Now go forth and tweet, tweeple.
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