Date25th Jul 2014
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So what exactly is integrated marketing?

What is an integrated marketing strategy?

An integrated marketing strategy can sound intimidating, but we promise it is a simple approach that can help you achieve your business goals.

Integrated marketing is:

  • A strategy that involves being everywhere your customer looks. For example, having your advert in the magazines they read, your content on their social media feed, your brand identity on the websites they visit, the list goes on.
  • Communicating consistent and engaging marketing messages that are relevant to your target market across all of these channels.

As a specialist, full-service marketing agency, we’re committed to this approach and truly believe it is the best way to get your business noticed among your target market, wherever they might be.

Why is an integrated approach to marketing important?

As we move deeper into the digital age, your customers are subjected to marketing messages and corporate communication from every angle, and you need to make sure you are seen and heard above the noise.

That’s not to say more traditional methods of marketing communication have been forgotten, printed materials, brochures, direct mail pieces and even unique promotional items can have their place within your integrated marketing strategy. What’s more, having a consistent message communicated across each of these channels help minimise confusion, making it even easier for new customers to find you, understand your offering and even choose you over a competitor.

How can I implement a consistent, integrated marketing strategy?

You need to start by defining what your business is all about, what exactly are you offering your customer, and who is your target market?

You also need to define your key messages, ask yourself if they are as engaging as possible and will they make your customer feel compelled to act?

Once you have answered those questions, you need to find out where your marketing messages will be best received. Is your target market active on social media? What magazines do they buy, and are they loyal to another brand that could complement your offering?

Your plan of marketing activity should engage your audience on as many channels as your budget will allow, we can help you define your key messages and target market, choose and plan the best channels to reach them and implement the most engaging, relevant and consistent marketing communication to make them act.

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