Date14th Nov 2014
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Christmas marketing spend ‘to reach £5 billion’ – 4 top tips to get your business noticed

With such an incredible spend on Christmas marketing expected this year, how can you expect your company to be heard above the noise?

Five billion pounds – think about that figure for a moment, it’s an incredible amount of money to be spent on generating more business at Christmas!

Not only are companies clamouring for attention in the marketplace, but this figure also sheds light on the amount of money being spent in the winter months, with consumers frantically shopping for the latest gift, stocking the cupboards for a festive feast and looking their best for the Christmas party.

With all the hype, excitement and advertising noise, how can you make sure your business is seen and heard?

We’ve shared four tips for Christmas marketing that you can implement right now to capture your piece of the action.

Be personal

In the digital age, we’re bombarded with online information and you could impress your customers with a unique personal touch. Why not consider a bespoke Christmas card in a hand-written envelope? It’s sure to stand out among the bills and junk mail.

Give a gift 

Everyone loves a present, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on corporate gifts. You could take your three best customers out for lunch, surprise them with a freebie or discount, or arrange a surprise delivery of lunchtime mince pies!

Tell a secret

Your customers choose you because you’re an expert in the industry; you offer something they can’t do themselves. Your insider knowledge could be a great gift – why not write a blog post about Christmas in your industry, or include some juicy titbits of information in your next email newsletter?

Go digital

Ok, we know this goes against our recommendations to write a personal Christmas card, but digital technology is improving every year, and an email campaign can bring fantastic results. You could incorporate the latest personalisation techniques to thank your customers by name, or create a festive game to get your customers talking about you on social media.

Don’t worry if you’re reading this with just a couple of short weeks till Christmas, an email campaign is quick to turn around and gives you instant results!

It’s not too late to implement your best Christmas marketing ideas – give us a call on 01565 632 112 if you need a push in the right direction.

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