Date9th Sep 2014
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3 Christmas marketing ideas to kick start your festive campaign

It’s almost that time again! Don’t let the festive period sneak up on you, implement our three favourite Christmas marketing ideas and get ahead of the game.

At Boxed Red, we hear the same request every single year – Can you help me implement some Christmas marketing to give my business a boost? Of course, we always step up to the mark, but when the request comes in November, there’s only so much our magic wand can do!

We’ve been working on festive projects since April this year, so we’ve pooled our expertise and given you a sneaky peek at our top three Christmas marketing ideas that will get you ahead of the game.

1. Plan ahead

When it comes to planning your Christmas marketing, time is your most valuable resource! Christmas comes once a year, and always at the same time, so why not make this one different and get your festive marketing plan in place early. Then you can sit back and enjoy some mulled wine while the rest of the world is frantically penning Christmas cards.

You could get your Christmas email campaign signed off and scheduled in advance, along with some engaging social media content and a blog or two to keep your customers interested while you’re busy working on other things.

Publications are filling their festive advertising space now, print slots are being filled and party bookings are being snapped up, so it’s a good idea to start making reservations to make sure you don’t miss out.

What’s more, our creatives love nothing more than time to get their teeth into a new brief, so setting them free on your project now means you’ll get the best results and their most creative ideas.

2. Stand out

You’re perfectly aware of the chaos that happens at Christmas time, so you need to think about how you can stand out from the crowd and get your message heard.

Many companies send out Christmas cards and email campaigns in December, so why not surprise your customers with a gift? It is the season of giving after all. You don’t have to send a present in the post, you could offer them a special discount to use in January, give away some of your inside knowledge in an exclusive blog post or make a donation to charity in lieu of a gift.

Speaking of charities, Christmas is a great time to give something back. You could get involved with a charity event, arrange to help out at a local food bank or wrap up some gifts for people who might usually go without.

3. Make your customers feel special

There’s nothing quite like receiving a hand-written envelope in the post, especially in the digital age of online advertising and email campaigns, so why not send a bespoke Christmas card to your customers and clients?

A carefully designed card can be cleverly aligned to your brand identity and give you the opportunity to hand-write a message, along with the address on the envelope and give your contacts the gift of snail mail this Christmas.

Equally, a well thought out, personalised email campaign can give your customers an emotional connection with your brand, which in turn might help them choose you over your competitors!

When it comes to Christmas, us Boxed Redders are keen beans. We’ve had our Christmas party booked for weeks and we’ve already signed off some truly fantastic upcoming campaigns with our fabulous clients.

So if you’d like help with your Christmas marketing campaign, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on 01565 632 112 or email

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