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Branding for a North West House Builder

Branding and Marketing Collateral for a North-West House Builder.

A digital marketing strategy to create a professional brand and image to represent a new North West House Builder

Boxed Red was tasked with creating a unique brand identity to represent Lancet Homes, a new residential property development company based in Cheshire. The company owner is an Olympic Dressage Champion with her horse, Lancet, and the team took inspiration from this unique connection.

What we did
Brand Communication
Marketing Materials
Website Strategy and UX
Website Design and Development
Sales and Marketing Suites
Development Branding
Development Marketing Brochures
Social Media

From the team’s extensive research and experience in the property industry, they developed a unique brand concept and identity. This bespoke brand was then rolled out across a suite of marketing materials including the responsive website, which has become a showcase for Lancet Homes and generates huge levels of engagement and enquiries.

Marketing collateral

Boxed Red rolled the brand out across a range of key materials, including business cards, completion boxes and other corporate stationery.

Guiding the homebuying process

Homebuyers are the key audience for Lancet’s branding, so we produced a Homebuyers Journey Pack containing a series of booklets, which aimed to educate and guide the customer through the purchase of their Lancet Home. Each booklet covered every relevant topic and gave valuable information regarding everything homebuying e.g. fraud, safety, the buying process, customer charter and Lancet’s honesty policy.

A fully responsive website

We designed and developed a fully responsive website to showcase Lancet’s ongoing developments. We built the site mobile first with a focus on development information being viewed in a clear and concise way on mobile, and developed it further from there…

Development Branding

Each one of Lancet’s developments were individually branded to give a personality and tone of voice, influenced and targeted to its location. Once the developments had been named an array of marketing collateral was designed and created for each one to immerse its customers in a professional yet personal purchasing process, such as brochures, floor plans, site plans, site signage and website.

In Summary

As a result of the creativity Boxed Red added to the brand, Lancet Homes’ customer experience was vastly improved, resulting in increased engagement, an upturn in website traffic and an overall increase in property enquiries.

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