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Whether you already have a database or you purchase targeted data, strategically considered email campaigns can help you get your messages in a highly targeted manner. Position yourself as a leader in your industry, boast about your latest award win or attract new customers, we can create bespoke email campaigns all backed up with the cold, hard stats that prove your ROI.


Sending out a few hundred emails from your regular email account is a one-way trip to the spam folder. Our industry-leading software complies with all email marketing legislation and guidelines, and we can help you get the most out of its functionality.

You’ll have your own remote log in details, so you can distribute your own news and watch the stats roll in live, or leave it all to us and get the comprehensive report delivered straight to your inbox.

Database Management

Personalised email marketing can improve the performance of your campaign, but we can take it a step further with true targeting techniques that drill down into your data to deliver the content your customer wants.

From gathering the data with custom fields on your website to targeting content to exactly the right audience, we can do it all.

In-depth Campaign Reporting

Results, results, results – that’s what everyone wants to see. How can you be sure your marketing efforts are successful if you don’t analyse your activity and make changes to help maximise that success?

Our powerful software tracks every element of your email marketing campaign, from who opened the message or clicked through to your website to the most popular content and best times to send.


Automated email marketing creates a personal customer journey that is specifically tailored to the actions your customer takes. This attention to detail helps create deeper engagement with your customers, and encourages them to take a follow up action, with no additional effort needed by you!

A/B Testing

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and sometimes you don’t know which specific messaging is going to work best for your customers. That’s where comprehensive testing comes into play.

We can check your email’s compatibility with various email clients and test subject lines and content to maximise the opportunity for success.

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