Christmas Marketing Campaign

Wow, where did the summer go? It only feels like yesterday we were getting excited at Boxed Red HQ convinced that football was actually coming home, and now Christmas is staring us in the face! With that in mind, have you got your Christmas marketing strategy in place yet? If not, don’t panic, we have a whole host of ideas to implement that’ll take your festive activities to the next level! Emphasise your Christmas Marketing

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Google Logo on Samsung Screen for Boxed Red Search Engine Optimisation Blog Header: Google search algorithm update

It’s been over a month since Google released the largest search algorithm update since 2012, however, it is only just coming to light the severity of the changes and the nature of its knock-on effect. Nicknamed ‘Medic’ by many amongst the SEO community, this broad core algorithm update has had mixed results for a number of industries. Some saw huge surges in traffic whilst others dropped vital places in ranking on Google. According to Google, ‘there’s

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One of the industry’s worst kept secrets in 2018 is that Facebook advertising is a MUST for every business out there! You can no longer rely on your organic content to drive traffic to your website. Instead, you need to create engaging Facebook advertising campaigns that will convert. Sounds simple right? Well, to help with your campaign, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you nail your Facebook advertising. 1) Did Someone say

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Paid Advertising

With algorithms constantly changing and social networks introducing new parameters to enforce a more engaging experience, is it time to enlist the help of paid advertising to boost your organic reach? Simply put…YES! Now that Facebook has restricted organic posts gaining traction for brand pages, boosting and promoting your posts is more important than ever. Is Organic Social Media Dead? It’s easy to think that the time is nigh for organic posts, with stories of

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SSL Internet Security Blog

Would you trust a website that didn’t display a padlock and the word ‘Secure’ before the URL? How would you feel about visiting a website that is flagged as being ‘unsecure’ whilst it is loading? If your response was ‘I’d leave the site’, you’re not alone - in fact, approximately 43% of consumers abandon a website when they see a security alert message upon arrival! Thankfully for you, there is a simple solution to not

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GDPR Compliant header Image boxed red marketing, Knutsford

Like 99% of the population, you have more than likely been contacted by almost every company you have ever subscribed to, asking you to review their privacy policy. This is because GDPR, a change in the way companies can contact you, is coming into effect on May 25th, 2018, and every company needs to be compliant. If your company hasn't yet started to implement your GDPR compliancy strategy, there's still time, but you'll need to

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Instagram Changes 2018 Boxed Red Marketing Agency in Knutsford

As social media continues to grow in the digital marketing landscape as a major solution for businesses across the world, it’s understandable that layouts and algorithms need to be developed to keep up with the usage. However, Instagram has announced recently that they are in fact taking a step back in the way they display your photo feed. “Today we’re introducing changes to give you more control over your feed and ensure the posts you

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Hashtags. You see them everywhere on the World Wide Web – on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. But what is it about those little icons that make them so widely used, and more to the point, what do they actually do?! Well, the social media gurus at Boxed Red HQ are here to demystify the cryptic hashtags, so that you can use them with confidence in your marketing going forwards. First things first, what is

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Facebook updates 2018 Boxed Red Blog header

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Digital Marketing Trends 2018

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