Christmas Marketing Campaign

Wow, where did the summer go? It only feels like yesterday we were getting excited at Boxed Red HQ convinced that football was actually coming home, and now Christmas is staring us in the face! With that in mind, have you got your Christmas marketing strategy in place yet? If not, don’t panic, we have a whole host of ideas to implement that’ll take your festive activities to the next level! Emphasise your Christmas Marketing

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SSL Internet Security Blog

Would you trust a website that didn’t display a padlock and the word ‘Secure’ before the URL? How would you feel about visiting a website that is flagged as being ‘unsecure’ whilst it is loading? If your response was ‘I’d leave the site’, you’re not alone - in fact, approximately 43% of consumers abandon a website when they see a security alert message upon arrival! Thankfully for you, there is a simple solution to not

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GDPR Compliant header Image boxed red marketing, Knutsford

Like 99% of the population, you have more than likely been contacted by almost every company you have ever subscribed to, asking you to review their privacy policy. This is because GDPR, a change in the way companies can contact you, is coming into effect on May 25th, 2018, and every company needs to be compliant. If your company hasn't yet started to implement your GDPR compliancy strategy, there's still time, but you'll need to

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Facebook updates 2018 Boxed Red Blog header

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Digital Marketing Trends 2018

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GDPR compliance

Whether you feel it’s a good thing or not, for businesses across the UK and Europe, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is something that cannot be ignored. So, is your business ready? What is GDPR? GDPR is a new regulation that is being brought in by the powers that be in Europe in an attempt to increase the privacy of consumers and their personal information within the European Union. What this essentially means for marketers

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Augmented Reality Blog

With Apple announcing that augmented reality is set to become one of the key features on their new iPhone, Warwick Business School have researched into how it might influence shoppers of the future. What is Augmented Reality? You may have heard a lot about augmented reality in the past few weeks, with many tipping it to be the ‘the next big thing’ but what is it? Essentially, augmented reality is a technology that merges reality

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World Emoji Day

It would be forgivable to wake up today (Monday 17th July) and not realise its significance, but today is officially “World Emoji Day”, an international celebration of the endearing visual icons we use on text messages, emails, and our favourite social media channels each and every day. Once upon a time the trusty emoticon – an emotion expressed using the symbols of a keyboard such as :–) – was the height of sophistication, but now

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new binding legislative act to protect personal data and it comes into force on 25th May 2018, a little under a year from now. Almost every business will have to make some changes to the way it handles customer information, as website cookies and IP addresses, as well as names, addresses and email addresses are all classed as personal data under the act. GDPR has been introduced

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cross-device remarketing

Google has rolled out an update to its remarketing capability that could increase your conversions by reaching your customers when they browse on different devices. Cross-device remarketing is now available in Google AdWords and means your ads are served to customers when they visit your website on one device then browse or search on another. Research from Google has shown that around six in 10 internet users start shopping on one device and make the

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