Date25th Jun 2020
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AuthorLauren Kirkland

Keeping it cool while working from home

We can imagine that there is a unanimous feeling of struggle in this heatwave, especially if you’re working from home; “I love this weather and I hope it stays, but how on earth do I stay focused and concentrate when it’s THIS hot?” Don’t fear, Boxed Red Marketing have come up with our top tips on how to work from home in this unprecedented British heatwave.


1. Home-made aircon

Everyone knows that a fan is useless if the air it’s blowing is warm. We recommend putting a bowl of cold water or ice in front of your fan and put it on max so that cold air can circulate and help you combat the heat!

2. If you’re working outside, work in the shade

As gorgeous as this sun is, it will only give you holiday and relaxing vibes making it difficult to concentrate on working. Find a good spot in your garden where you can set up shop in the cool all while enjoying the sunny surroundings!

3. Give your feet a bath

Yes, that’s right. Your feet are one of the places on your body where blood vessels are close to your skin’s surface, so it’s the perfect quick-fix cool down area. Fill up a washing up bowl or bucket full of cold water (with ice if you’d prefer), submerge your feet in it and let the cool-down begin.

4. Dress lightly

No, we don’t mean wearing your birthday suit for your 9am team zoom. Wearing shorts and t-shirts are a perfect solution in this heat. However, if you do want to wear something more formal, consider the type of material instead. Lightweight, loose-fitting, absorbent materials like cotton work best. We recommend opting for white or lighter colours because darker colours will absorb the heat and make you hotter.

5. Make the most of your freezer space

Whether it be wet flannels or bottles of water, freezing them will help to be a quick cool fix that you can grab for when needed. Placing them on your pressure points around your body is best!

6. The most important tip – Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated!

Sweating is your body’s air conditioner, and it needs water to run properly. It’s also needed for concentration and functioning throughout the day to keep you feeling energised when the heat makes you tired and lethargic.


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