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The 5 Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing in 2019

In a fast paced world, Social Media Marketing is quickly evolving, with new trends constantly keeping companies of all sizes on their toes.

For businesses, Social Media should be a main ingredient in any marketing strategy and isn’t something to be overlooked or underestimated, particularly when you consider that in 2019 it’s estimated that almost 40% of the globe’s population or a mind blowing 2.77 billion people, will use social media networks worldwide.

But what are the benefits to your business and why is it imperative that Social Media tops the list when it comes to marketing strategies for the year ahead? In this blog we highlight some of the big business benefits

1. Increased brand awareness

As we’ve mentioned, Social Media users aren’t in short supply, which in turn means there are potential customers ready and waiting to see your brand. Regular and consistent social media activity will help to get your brand in front of the right people, creating loyal fans and customers, helping you achieve the results you want from your Social Media Marketing.

So, we’ve mentioned regular and consistent activity, which may leave you wondering what kind of content will really help make an impact. One of the biggest trends we are seeing in 2019 is the use of video content – Facebook have even adjusted their algorithm to ensure that video posts appear more frequently on our feeds. Users are engaging with video content more and more so incorporating this into your social marketing strategy for the year ahead, will ensure you’re bang on trend for 2019!

2. Get to know your customers, and let them get to know you!

Social Media Marketing gives businesses the opportunity to let lose, show their personality and let their creative side shine, even if they aren’t the most visibly exciting brand. Engaging content mixed with an active presence helps to increase brand awareness and potentially bag those all important new customers.

Social Media Marketing also provides you the opportunity to get to know your customer better, making their life easier and ensuring they feel they are being dealt with on a personal level – something we are seeing as an ever important factor in the eyes of customers.

We see brands doing this a lot, Netflix will suggest shows based on what a user has previously watched, eBay will recommend products based on previous purchases and suggests accommodation based on past trips to the same location! In today’s world, convenience is key and by serving users content based on preferences, technology is hitting the right spot, and Social Media is no different.

For example, based on the data Facebook holds on their users, it is able to tap into to what interests them and shows the ads to suit. Companies are able to utilize this tool by creating ads and targeting them to the people who would be most interested in receiving them.

3. Cost effective

The real investment when it comes to Social Media Marketing is in time and effort. It’s true that budget, when it comes to this method of marketing, can help to accelerate the pace of brand growth and reach your business goals faster, but organic Social Media incorporating tailored messaging, imagery and videos, coupled with commitment and consistency can help you reap the benefits of utilising this platform. As we’ve previously mentioned, with reliability, authenticity and trust ruling the marketing world far beyond how much money can be thrown at a campaign, in 2019 we are seeing the rise of User Generated Content as a way of engaging potential customers.

For example, over 70% of consumers say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Reviews show your potential customers that your offerings are reliable and can also help you increase traffic to your website, build dependability, and enhance conversion rates.

As we’ve discussed, video content is a big trend for 2019 and according to Octoly, on average, user-generated videos about a brand are viewed around 10 times more than official brand videos on YouTube. A brand’s transparency is proving to be high up on the tick list when it comes to what’s important to a potential customer, so it’s worth considering when it comes to your marketing strategy and budgeting.

4. Boosted search engine rankings

Having a Social Media page rich in applicable keywords with high search volumes, works much like having a website functioning in the same way. This will help to boost your search rankings and bring in more traffic, therefore providing you with opportunities to grow your brand and business online.  

5. Build customer loyalty

Regardless of what a company is trying to sell, the bottom line is if they appear untrustworthy potential customers will go elsewhere, and with social channels often the first place they will look to gauge the validity of a company, it’s imperative that companies invest in their Social Media channels.

Social Media Marketing is an effective tool for building good relationships with customers who over time become loyal to your brand, it provides customers a way to access you should they have questions, complaints or feedback, giving you the opportunity to protect your reputation, show you care and build the trust that is absolutely vital in achieving and maintaining an engaged customer base.

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