Date13th Oct 2017
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Instagram Story Polls: Yes, or No?

You will have probably seen whilst clicking through people’s Instagram Stories the option to vote on various things… so, are polls good or bad for marketers?

It’s a Resounding YES from us!

Instagram story polls are a fantastic way to get your followers to engage with your posts as well as giving you qualified customer feedback.

Whether you’re asking followers to vote for their favourite products or offers they prefer, the option of a poll on your posts definitely gives you more power to take your company’s marketing strategy forwards.

How do I do Instagram Story Polls?

Firstly, decide on a story post, preferably with the two products/offers you wish to compare and create it on the Instagram app.

Next, click on the sticker icon and then click on the Poll sticker option. (The sticker icon is the square with a face on it in case you weren’t sure!)

When you’ve done this, type your question into the text box that will appear.

To change your poll responses, click on the Yes/No box and you will be given the option to customise your poll responses to whatever you like!

Next, position your poll on your Instagram Story post and share it to your story!

Monitoring Your Poll

If you have push notifications turned on for Instagram, you will receive a notification when someone votes on your poll.

To view the overall number of votes, click on your story, swipe up, tap the eye icon and voila, you will see a list of who has seen the post and how they voted!

Don’t forget, your poll analytics are only live for as long as your story is, so make sure you set a reminder to collect your results before they disappear!

Next Steps

Once you’ve collected your results, you can do a variety of things with the data, from setting up an email campaign of favourite products to using it to plan a social media strategy… the options are endless.

If you’re interested in how Instagram and social media can help to grow your brand, get in contact with us today!


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