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Boxed Red’s Top 5 Tips to Nail Facebook Advertising

One of the industry’s worst kept secrets in 2018 is that Facebook advertising is a MUST for every business out there! You can no longer rely on your organic content to drive traffic to your website. Instead, you need to create engaging Facebook advertising campaigns that will convert.

Sounds simple right? Well, to help with your campaign, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you nail your Facebook advertising.

1) Did Someone say Promotion?

Everyone likes a good promotion, so the easiest way to increase your Facebook campaign’s conversion rate is to offer something that people either want or can relate to. This doesn’t mean you have to slash your prices and adopt an ‘everything must go’ outlook, however, it does mean you should consider what it is that you’re presenting to your customers on Facebook and adapt the offer accordingly.

Our other tip when it comes to offers is to check out the competition. Are your competitors offering free shipping on all orders over £30? Why not offer free shipping on orders over £25? Chances are that you can create a compelling offer, simply by spying on your competition and providing more value to your customers!

2) Don’t Be Vain

‘OMG my Facebook advert has had over 300 likes, 50 shares, and 200 comments’ might seem like a brilliant phrase to be saying at the end of your campaign, however, how many sales have you actually received?

Ultimately, vanity likes, comments, and shares are not as powerful as you’d hope unless they are converting. Now, we’re not saying they’re not important as at the end of the day, you are still gaining an engaged audience and increased brand awareness which is great, to an extent.

However, to help turn your engaged audience into converting customers, we recommend taking a look at your targeting, advert, and landing page to determine which of these elements are holding your sales and leads back. Once you find the right balance between these three factors, you will start to see your sales increase. So, remember, sales first, likes and comments second.

3) Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Everyone wants overnight success with their adverts, but the truth is, it takes time and effort to strike the perfect balance to win at Facebook advertising. This means trialling and testing a number of adverts, copy, audiences and budgets until you build the perfect advert that is converting on your website.

Each campaign should be slightly different to the last, in order to keep your brand looking fresh and current rather than rehashing the same ideas. Rather than starting from scratch each time, you can build upon the success of your last campaign by drawing from elements used and gradually build stronger and more fruitful.

4) Bring Your Adverts to Life

We’re sure you’re sick of hearing it by now, but video is the most powerful media form currently on social media, so make sure you’re using it! Especially on Facebook, captivating and engaging videos outperform any other media, resulting in better sales and leads on your website.

You don’t even need to create an award-winning animation to conquer your Facebook campaign – simply incorporate any kind of slideshow, transition or video to your adverts and watch your engagement and sales increase.

5) Haven’t We Seen You Before?

Why not retarget customers who have visited your website previously on Facebook? In fact, why not make your adverts as specific as possible to improve your conversion rate? Whether you want to retarget someone who has just browsed your site, clicked an offer or added a product to their shopping bag, there is plenty of scope to retarget your customers on Facebook.

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