Date28th Mar 2014
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There’s no secret to great SEO

In the last few years our clients have embraced the move to digital, we’ve built more websites than ever before, generated leads using email campaigns and seen social media activity go viral.

But one of the questions we get asked time and again is ‘how can I get my pages ranking better in search engines such as Google?’

Get the foundations right

There’s no question that your website should be built on a great foundation, with consideration for great SEO integrated throughout its architecture. Your chosen keywords should feature throughout your URLs, page titles, tags, meta descriptions and meta tags.

Your customer should be at the forefront of your mind throughout this strategic process – they should be able to navigate the site efficiently, and feel enriched by the added value content available throughout your pages.

What keywords should I be using?

Google tells us to ‘think like a person, not a robot’, which is advice we hold dear. This comes from the knowledge that people type questions into Google rather than the keywords you might expect them to.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – what would you type into Google to find your services? Think ‘buy real leather children’s shoes online’ instead of ‘shoes’ or ‘children’s fashion’.

Content is king

It’s become a bit of a cliché but the sentiment is still correct – you need to give users a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Generating regular, unique, relevant and engaging content using great keywords and searchable headlines backed up with links, accurate metadata and appropriately named images are the basics you can’t ignore.

Know what’s working

There’s no way of getting around it, optimising your website for SEO and delivering regular, unique content is a long-term strategy and a never-ending task.

But you can think strategically by looking at your analytics and identifying the pages and posts receiving the most organic traffic. Successful posts are made up of many factors, but over time you will spot trends and be able to replicate the success to some extent.

Don’t feel bamboozled by SEO, there’s a skill involved and a foundation to build on, but with consistency, commitment and a little bit of knowledge you can achieve your website goals.

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