Date16th May 2017
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Is your business protected against cyber attacks?


Cyber attacks

You can’t have missed the news that a global cyber attack has hit more than 150 huge businesses worldwide, including FedEx in the USA and the NHS here in the UK.

Fresh attacks appear to be slowing down, but experts including computer giant Microsoft have told business owners around the world to treat this incident as a wake-up call.

The Wannacry virus has infected machines running the Windows XP operating system, encrypting files and holding them to ransom. The virus can move around a network on its own, which has a devastating effect on large scale operations with lots of computers and users.

Even if your business has not been affected this time, the attacks should act as a reminder to keep your devices up to date and files backed up to a storage device that is not physically connected to your computer, such as the cloud.

The scale of this particular attack is unprecedented, but smaller attacks on businesses can happen at any time. Take these precautions immediately to protect your business against cyber attacks.

  • Keep all computers and devices up to date with the latest operating system, patches and updates
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Back up your systems regularly and automate them if possible
  • Install security software on each one of your devices
  • Take care when opening emails, never open an attachment that you’re not expecting
  • Ensure spam filters are correctly set up
Is your website vulnerable to cyber attack?

It’s important to protect your computers, network and other devices against attacks, but your website can also act as a gateway to your company and be vulnerable to attack.

The same principles apply for protection, change your passwords regularly and ensure your website CMS and plug ins are always up to date.

No matter the size of your website, it’s imperative you take steps to protect it and your business.

A comprehensive website hosting package is one of the best ways to ensure your website is always up to date and protected as much as possible.

Let the experts take over and give you peace of mind that everything possible is being done to defend your business against cyber attacks.

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