5 easy ways to use Pokemon Go as a marketing tool



Is it just us, or is EVERYONE playing Pokémon Go? We’re certainly spending our lunch breaks visiting Pokéstops and catching critters, so it’s likely your customers are too!

We’ve come up with a few clever marketing tricks that could lure Pokémon Go players to your business, and we think they would work perfectly if you own a bar, café or restaurant.

1. Offer free WiFi

You do already offer free Wi-Fi, don’t you? If not, it’s time to set up the router.

Advertise your password and router name behind the bar or at the till, so your paying customers can log on and catch Pokémon without using up all their data.

2. Advertise that you’re Pokémon friendly

Put a sign outside your premises to advertise that you’re a Pokémon friendly bunch.

You could also include that you have free Wi-Fi and plug sockets available for charging to get people to hang around even longer.

3. Drop lure modules

Literally lure customers to your business by purchasing a few lure modules from the Pokémon Go shop and drop them at a Pokéstop near you.

Think about dropping the lure at peak times such as when people are leaving work around 5pm, they might pop in to grab a drink and a few Pikachus instead of heading straight home as usual.

4. Get involved on social media

Spread the word that you’re playing along by sharing updates about your achievements in the game.

Just taken over a new gym or dropped a lure outside your door? Shout about it on social media and get your followers to share.

5. Offer an incentive

And finally, why not offer fans of the game an incentive for visiting your bar, restaurant or café?

Offer a free drink or small discount on food to people who show you the game installed on their phone.

Let us know if these Pokémon marketing tips have worked for your business!

Image: Official Pokémon Go



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