Date18th Sep 2012
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Never underestimate the power of great copywriting

Great copywriting is much more than correct spelling and appropriately placed apostrophes, it can elevate the perception of your business, persuade your customers and boost your SEO performance.

Anyone who’s sat in front of a blank word document will sing the praises of a professional copywriting service, but what could it do for you?

Why bother?

The best copywriting is clear, concise and simple – so much so you’ll read it without thinking, understand it instantly and trust it implicitly.

On the other hand, copy littered with errors, clunky sentences and a poor tone of voice can have the opposite effect. A professional copywriter can help elevate the perception of your business, push the benefits of your products and services and ultimately increase sales.

Whether you need a catchy strapline, compelling advertising copy, a new brochure or flashy website, your copywriter will help capture the imagination of your target market and speak to them in a persuasive, engaging and interesting manner.

Who are you speaking to?

Understanding your target market is key to creating the best copy and capturing the attention of your customers, and your copywriter will help you paint a picture of your audience before putting pen to paper.

Innocent is often cited as a company with spectacular copywriting that not only embodies the ethos and heartbeat of the business, but inspires the reader and keeps them interested in the product or label – even if it is just a list of ingredients.

Does your company have a voice? Does your copy reflect the personality of your brand? Or does it simply list your services and proposition without really getting under the skin of your customers?

What about SEO?

Not only will your new copy be compelling, engaging and informative, a copywriter will make sure it’s working as hard as possible for your business at every opportunity.

And that’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Do you know how people are landing on your website? Or what they are coming to you in search of? Once you have identified the appropriate keywords for your website, a copywriter will expertly weave them into each page, boosting your natural search performance, keeping your website regularly updated with relevant content and shouting about it across all the social networks that have been identified as relevant to your business and target market.

Can’t I just write it myself?

Of course you could have a bash at writing your own copy, but as anyone who’s stared at a blank word document for any length of time will tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks.

It’s a great idea to create a list of bullet points for your copywriter, and you’ll be involved with writing the brief that pushes the copywriter in the right direction, but once you’ve had some work back from the studio, you’ll be pleased you didn’t spend all morning trying to come up with the goods.

Boxed Red Marketing can help boost your business with expert copywriting and marketing support. Call us now on 01565 632 112 to discuss your requirements, or leave a comment with your favourite examples of corporate writing!

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