Date15th Nov 2012
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Is it time to update your brand?

What comes to mind when you think of branding?

When we think of branding we tend to think of the brands that have captured our imagination and the logos that are integrated and recognisable in our every day life. They have a ‘special something’ that emotionally connects us to the product or service they are offering.

Look at the back of your phone or computer and many of us will see the iconic Apple. In the office at Boxed Red we are avid supporters of Apple and everywhere we look we are confronted by this clever brand. For example, I am writing this blog on an Apple MacBook, charging my iPhone while my iPod waits in my bag to accompany me on my way home, but I wouldn’t say I am particularly technologically minded. So why have I developed such strong brand loyalty?

Apple is no longer seen as just a technology supplier as the brand has become a bench mark of quality in the industry and to some extent a fashion statement. The simple Apple logo has become instantly recognisable all over the world and has become a marker for the fashion-forward, technology-conscious, customer-focused brand.

The truth is we are all surrounded by branding. Whether it is a conscious decision or not, the branding of your company will be one of the main factors to determine if a customer chooses you over one of your competitors.

So how do they do it?

If you are thinking, we are not as big as Apple and we never will be, will refreshing my brand really make much of a difference? The answer is YES! Branding is just as important in a SME as it is in a large multi-territory organisation.

One of our customers, Craven and Murray, an independently owned opticians practice in Rochdale, saw their turnover increase by a staggering 60% through refreshing their brand identity and implementing consistent marketing communication.

Your brand development is much more than a nifty logo or a flashy website, the key to developing a successful brand encompasses a wide range of elements including colours, feelings, words, images, positioning statements, strap lines and key messages that should be consistently communicated across all elements of your marketing activity.

A strong logo not only helps represent your brand identity, but can communicate your company values loud and clear to your target market, creating an emotional connection between them and you. Customers are extremely brand loyal and often develop buying habits of a lifetime, and the right brand identity can inspire trust, loyalty and strong retention with them.

The key is to review your brand periodically and make sure it is still relevant to your company’s offering and most importantly, your target market. One way of breathing new life into a brand is to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at the project, our in-house team of creatives have extensive experience in making recommendations you might have otherwise overlooked.

So with all this in mind, is it time for you to update your brand?

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