Embracing Instagram Stories for business – 3 reasons why you should



Unless you’ve been living in a data blackout, you can’t have failed to notice the latest update to our favourite photo-sharing social media platform, Instagram.

Instagram Stories has been introduced and allows you to share snapshots of your day, but they only stay visible for 24 hours (sound familiar? We’re looking at you, Snapchat!).

The new feature has been touted as a way to stop users feeling like they’re ‘oversharing’, as not only do the photos and videos shared in Stories disappear, they won’t appear in your Instagram grid either.

Stories are positioned at the very top of your Instagram feed, so you’ll see them as soon as you log in. Simply tap on the circular images to see stories from accounts you follow, and tap the image to send a private message in response.

Lots of your friends and favourite brands have already begun using this new feature, but the big question is; are Instagram Stories right for your business?

We’ve looked at three reasons you should start a story today.


Snapchat has a very niche audience, and if your target market isn’t under the age of 25 and earning less than £35,000 then there’s very little benefit of you spending time and resources there.

However, if you’re already active on Instagram, it’s wise to add Instagram Stories to your content strategy as it gives another dimension to your company culture and offers a sneak peek behind the scenes, which customers love.


Instagram Stories has the huge advantage of launching on an established platform, so you don’t have to worry about building a new audience with a different style of content.

It’s also easier for a new audience to find you on Instagram as your original content and imagery is still discoverable using hashtags and geotags, which extend the reach of your account and attract new followers.


If you’re anything like us, sharing images on Instagram is a painstaking process of the perfect crop, the ideal filter and a carefully crafted caption.

With stories, the focus is on sharing engaging content throughout the day, without the need for a perfectly polished finish.

Have you started using Instagram Stories for your business yet? Have you spotted any brands using it well?

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