Date14th Jan 2013
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AuthorBoxed Red

Case Study – Pelipal Email Marketing Campaign

InHouse Inspired Room Design


InHouse is a UK supplier of high quality European bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom brands that required a short-term activity to boost the number of enquiries and ultimately sales.


Boxed Red created an engaging sales flyer to showcase the high-quality bathroom furniture and highlight the benefits of working with InHouse. This informative flyer was accompanied by an email campaign made up of two distributions, one as an introduction to the Pelipal brand, and a second, follow-up email highlighting the benefits of working with this established brand.


The initial Pelipal email campaign achieved a fantastic open rate of more than 35%, while the second, follow-up reached more than 30%.

What’s more, not only did the email campaign have a fantastic response, InHouse received four inbound leads in the form of requests for meetings, which the client deemed the most successful initiative they have ever done.

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