Date24th Jan 2014
AuthorBoxed Red

Boxed Red Marketing’s Top 5 Marketing and Design Sites

Creative block? We’ve got it covered!

It happens to us all – your fountain of inspiration has run dry and you can’t tell the wood from the trees. Don’t get frustrated, trust us – it only makes things worse. But fear not, Boxed Red have put together 5 of our favourite inspirational marketing and design sites to bust that boredom and get those creative juices flowing again.

1. From Up North

This blog is full to the brim with inspiration and ideas for different areas of design and photography. Our designers use this one a lot if they’re looking for fresh ideas and innovative takes on everything from typography and logotypes to print design and illustration.

2. New Old Stock

For the marketers and designers among you, you might well be familiar with stock photo sites. This tumblr however is something else. It is an incredible feed of vintage photos from public archives. 5 minutes on here and we can guarantee you’ll be feeling both inspired and nostalgic.

3. My Ink Blog

This blog collects innovative marketing campaigns from around the world. The 100 clever and creative advertisements will leave you feeling pretty amazed. It just goes to show how innovate thinking is boundless when it comes to marketing and advertising.

4. Hype for Type

Hype for Type is an excellent resource if you’re a creative mind. They have a seemingly endless amount of type available to boost your creativity. Browse through the categories and why not start hand-drawing your own?

5. Forbes – Inspirational Quotes

Now you might not think of Forbes as being a source of creativity but we disagree. They might be big business, but why not learn from the best with these inspirational quotes to get you back on track and on the business bandwagon? Quotes can help you achieve those objectives and change the way you think, so where better to get the creative cogs running than here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed top 5 marketing and design sites – go forth and create!

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