Date22nd May 2017
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Facebook announces Advanced Measurement to monitor digital advertising


digital advertising

Facebook recently announced a new digital marketing tool that provides insight into the performance of Facebook ads when compared with ads running on other platforms.

Advanced Measurement allows all advertisers to compare results of ad campaigns running on Facebook, Instagram, search and display with in-depth insights including which had the highest reach or the best conversion rate.

85% of all budget spent on digital advertising goes to Facebook and Google, but the strict rules around protecting the personal information Facebook gathers meant it was difficult to compare results directly, until now.

Facebook’s ultimate goal for this new development is to give businesses more transparency and the ability to understand the return on their investment in digital advertising.


The launch of Advanced Measurement gives you a clearer picture of how your digital advertising budget is working.

By identifying the adverts that are performing best, you can replicate their success and reallocate budgets and adjust audience settings to get the very best results for minimum spend.

This clever tool will not improve the performance of any single ad, but it does give you the data about which ads are working and how your customers are engaging with your content, so you can put your efforts into those that work best.

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