Date28th Mar 2012
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Adapt your business goals for social media success

What do you want to achieve from your social media strategy? We take a look at the alternative business goals you could set to measure your success.

One of our favourite questions to ask clients is: “What results would determine success for you in this project?”

Traditional business goals, such as a 25% increase in website traffic or a 50% boost in profits don’t translate easily to a social media campaign, so we have to take an alternative route to goal setting.

Social media websites are growing exponentially, so you can harness this rapid growth to connect with customers, boost awareness of your brand and start meaningful conversations about your business in the most engaging manner.

Our tips for improving your social media strategy

1.Create an engaging profile

Take a look around Facebook and Twitter, particularly at well-known brands such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Bulmers cider or Warburtons bread for examples of good design and layout practice. Don’t copy them exactly, but take inspiration from the elements you like and implement something similar on your own page.

2.Have some personality

No one wants to talk to a faceless brand, so change your profile picture to something more personal and use your own voice when writing Tweets and Facebook updates to engage your followers in conversation.

Don’t interrupt your conversation with too many hashtags or external links either, use both sparingly and only when they can add value to your post – when you’re live Tweeting from an event, for example.

3.Be organized

Schedule Tweets and updates using Tweetdeck once a week instead of constructing and writing each morning. Then set aside some time each day to reply to direct messages and answer questions. Work smart, not hard!

4.Set goals and measure your success

Want 100 new followers in the next six months? Three meaningful conversations online each week? To respond to customer enquiries on the same day? Then set that as your goal, stick to it and pat yourself on the back when you’ve achieved it.

Boxed Red Marketing consultants can help you create a strategic social media strategy and engaging profile page, get in touch to find out more.

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