Date14th May 2014
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5 top tips for a direct mail campaign

Digital marketing has become more popular than ever and it is easy to see why. Many of our lives at work and at home revolve around the Internet. This means that social media and email campaigns can be targeted to thousands of people in one fell swoop. However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the importance of more traditional forms of marketing.

Direct mail campaigns can help brands and companies cut through all of that white noise on the web. Sending a thoughtfully designed piece of direct mail can help you stand out from your competitors and be noticed by your customer. Here are 5 top tips for creating a printed direct mail piece that delivers results:

1. Objectives
Seems like an obvious one but setting clear objectives ensuring you are clear on how you will measure them is vital to the success of any campaign and not just a direct mail campaign.

2. Audience
Defining your target audience will help you focus your efforts and reach those you want to work with most. Think about who the decision makers are and what would appeal to them. Using clear calls to action that are extremely targeted and bespoke will allow you to measure the results and achieve your objectives.

3. Engage
Capture your customer’s attention – a punchy opening line that goes straight to the heart of your customer’s needs will help you stand out. A great piece is one that your audience will want to share with their colleagues. Intriguing packaging can really make your direct mail campaign stand out; 3D mail has been proven to get a much higher response rate than a standard letter or leaflet.

4. Personalise
Personalisation goes beyond simply addressing your recipients by name. Treat them as an individual. The more bespoke you can make your direct mail piece, the higher the response rate you are likely to receive. Show that you have done your research and make sure your audience feel that they aren’t just one of a thousand recipients.

5. Integrate
Direct mail pieces are most effective when they are part of an integrated approach. Key elements of an integrated campaign include a website landing page, content, social media, advertising and even events. Used together they will reinforce your direct mail’s key messages.

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