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5 tips for using music as part of your brand communication

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Music is a universal language and smart businesses go to innovative lengths to use it to speak to their consumers. Here is a rundown of Boxed Red’s 5 tips for using music as part of your brand communication.

1. Tune in to your brand

Choose music that enhances just what it is that makes your brand unique. Music gives the consumer the chance to build an emotional connection and if used effectively, it can establish stronger loyalty and advocate your brand even further.

2. Tune in to your consumer

Today’s consumer is a techy one. Did you know Google found that 84% of shoppers use smartphones whilst shopping? With technology as it is you could maximise this opportunity by creating a brand soundtrack. This kind of interaction really encourages shoppers to become more involved in the customer experience. Reinforcing brand loyalty and building new connections.

3. Tune in to consistency

This is something that we at Boxed Red cannot stress enough to our clients. Consistency is key when it comes to building a recognisable brand. More brands than ever are expanding to reach consumers across the globe so making sure your musical choices hit the right notes can help cultivate your brand’s international presence. Consistently picking the right music and sticking to it will make your brand that bit more recognisable.

4. Tune in to memories

Competition has never been more fierce in the retail world with consumers being faced with more choice than ever. So in order to keep those customers returning to your brand year on year, you need to offer a compelling and memorable experience.

 Create a unique and desirable environment that your customer can engage with, and use music to set the scene.

5. Tune in to analysis

Implementing a music related campaign would mean almost nothing if you cannot see results. Sophisticated music systems allow brands to analyse in-store activity and find out which music makes the biggest impact. You can for example monitor data to discover which songs encourage sales and which do not. This provides a direct link between music and sales, and allows ROI to be effectively measured.

With thanks to Marketing Magazine for creative inspiration.

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