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2015 Boxed Red Games – The Starting Line


We’re a competitive bunch at Boxed Red HQ and we thoroughly enjoyed setting and achieving a series of challenges in 2014. This year, we’re going bigger and better to launch our very own competition – the 2015 Boxed Red Games!

Every month during 2015, the Strategic Management Team, Designers and Developers will compete for a single point in a unique challenge. At the end of the year, the team with the most points is crowned the winner!

The first challenge was the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, one question about every month during 2014. From royalty and famous sheep to sporting events and celebrity news, the teams went head to head answering questions and jogging their memories.

Janna’s lack of celebrity gossip left her flagging, John’s football knowledge kept him afloat but Cat’s morning browse of the Daily Mail website meant she stormed ahead and took the win with 10 out of a possible 12. Well done Cat!



If you want to see how you would have compared against the Boxed Red quizzers, here are the questions we asked!

Click reveal to show the answers, no cheating. Share your score in the comments, or on our Facebook page!


Which film won Best Animated Feature Film at the 71st Golden Globe awards in 2014?



A massive specimen of an aquatic creature washed up on a beach in Australia. It was five feet wide and was described as ‘a dinner plate with a mop hanging underneath…’ What was it?



Who launched the Invictus Games on March the 6th, a Paralympic-style sporting championship for wounded soldiers?

[reveal]Prince Harry[/reveal]


Who was fired from managing a major football team after only 10 months in the position?

[reveal]David Moyes[/reveal]


Who wrote a tell-all book about their affair with Bill Clinton?

[reveal]Monica Lewinsky[/reveal]


During the World Cup, who bit a football player from Italy?

[reveal]Luis Suarez[/reveal]


Which Olympic champion gave birth to a baby boy in July?

[reveal]Jessica Ennis-Hill[/reveal]


23.5kg of wool was sheared from a really, really wooly sheep in Tasmania, but what was his name?



Which huge movie star married the lawyer, Amal Alamuddin in September?

[reveal]George Clooney[/reveal]


Who welcomed their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, into the world on 1st October?

[reveal]Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis[/reveal]


Which popular blogger released a book that broke records for all previous sales?



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a ‘state visit’ to a Brooklyn Nets basketball game, but which pop-star couple did they sit with?

[reveal]Jay-Z and Beyonce[/reveal]


During 2014, property crime accounted for 70% of all crimes reported to police. But how many property crimes were reported between September 2013 and September 2014?




Accounts – 1
Developers – 0
Designers – 0


January // The Big Fat Quiz of 2014

Winner – Cat (Strategic Management Team)


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