Date9th Jan 2020
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AuthorRuth Gresty

Breathing life into your Marketing Strategy in 2020

Are you set up to roar in the first year of the Twenties … or just growl? Breathing life into your Marketing Strategy is the best place to kick start your plan of becoming the king of your own category jungle.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Everyone has an opinion, many with their own complicated ways of explaining and illustrating it. We, at Boxed Red Marketing Agency in Cheshire, make it as simple as possible. Over-complicated foundations lead to over-complicated builds. Conversely a build without a foundation will ultimately fail. The same rings true for Strategic Foundations and Marketing Plans. The skill is in finding the sweet spot.

We have come to the conclusion after our plethora of experience in the marketing industry (over too many years to admit!) across an eclectic mix of categories that the best Marketing Strategies are basically just stories. They should have an easy flow which leads directly and easily into an action plan. If you think about your own personal story this can help.

  • Who am I, what drives me the most and what makes me special?
  • Who do I want to be in the future?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my own personal goals for the next year or so?
  • What are the things external to me which may help or hinder me in achieving these goals?
  • What are the best ways of achieving these goals and getting where I want to go?

Make it easy for your stakeholders

Of course we understand a lot of time, experience, research and energy will go into answering these questions for your business or brands (and maybe even for yourself!), but the output in its simplest form should be easily communicated on one page. Disseminating your Marketing Strategy into an easy to digest plan which all stakeholders in your business can understand and see their role within will ensure a truly meaningful and actionable plan. These stakeholders include your employees, customers, shareholders and agency partners.

Sometimes it is difficult to find either the time or the ‘head space’ to take this step back. It can also be overwhelming deciding which tools to use in your strategic planning process, especially if you are looking after multiple brands. This is where getting some external help can really help. Having different perspectives from a variety of categories and industries with the ability to look into your past and future with no pre-conceptions can genuinely help you create stronger, more evidence based and more actionable Marketing Plans. Building strong foundations will ensure you start the Twenties roaring …

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