Date18th Jun 2020

Once Appon a Time

Have you ever imagined what your everyday apps would look like in the old days? Luli Kibudi has created a collection of designs where ‘modern meets retro’.

In this modern era it is much easier to communicate with friends, watch films and listen to music, but it’s interesting to look back on what we used to do and how things have changed in such a short period of time.

The likes of Spotify, Netflix and WhatsApp have completely changed our lives, we no longer have to wind up our cassette tapes, go to the video shop to get a film or ring a friend to RSVP to a party. This has obviously made it easier for us all, but don’t we miss the joy of getting a new vinyl and posting your finished film through the letterbox at Blockbuster? Now we just close off the app on our phones or TV.

This week, WhatsApp has announced that you will be able to pay friends and businesses for free using the app. This is pushing towards the shift of everyday things being on your phone and no need for you to go out. WeChat, the Chinese equivalent to WhatsApp, already has features where you can hail a cab, book a doctors appointment and buy virtual currencies! This is what WhatsApp will be like in the coming years.

Find below the examples Luli Kibudi has created of our everyday apps!

The Boxed Red team use a lot of the apps mentioned above and love seeing how they are developing over time. We are still here for all your marketing needs and if there is anything we can help you with then please get in touch!

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