Date13th Mar 2017
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What you need to know about the Google Mobile Popup Algorithm Update


Google Mobile Popup Algorithm

Google made between 500 and 600 updates to its search algorithm during 2016, so it’s always important to stay abreast of the changes and adapt your digital marketing strategy to make sure you get the best results.

There has already been a significant change to the Google algorithm this year and if your website still displays popup windows to mobile users, it’s time to make a change!

The Google Mobile Popup Algorithm Update means pages where content is not easily accessible on mobile due to popups may not rank as highly in search engine results pages.

Approximately 56% of all consumer web traffic comes from mobile, so it’s no longer an option to ignore the user experience on hand-held devices.

Ads, newsletter sign up forms, registration data capture or offers that obscure the screen are the biggest culprits and the best thing to do if you’re using them is turn them off. There are better ways to capture data or showcase an offer than displaying clunky popups, use the image space in your website header or add newsletter sign ups in an eye-catching banner instead.

The impact of this algorithm update has been difficult to measure and the impact does not appear to have been as drastic as it was first thought, but the fact that users generally hate popups on mobile should be enough for anyone to rethink their strategy.

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