Date13th Jul 2017
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The Importance & Advantages of SSL Certificates


An SSL certificate is beneficial to both the website owner and the end user ensuring that your web traffic, both incoming and outgoing, is kept safe from various security threats. It protects sensitive information as it travels, helps give your SEO a boost, is great for credibility and brand perception and so is therefore highly recommended for any modern website.

We have spoken a lot about security of websites recently following the global cyber attacks that are happening across the world and suggested various preventative measures in our blog of which an SSL certificate is just one of. However, it is one measure that also comes with lots of other benefits….

So, what is SSL?

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer” and is a form of security for sites. It creates a secure connection between a customer’s web browser and the server of the company they’re interacting with. SSL historically is essential for just websites that sell goods or services online as it ensures that all information handled stays private and secure, however it is increasingly showing huge benefits for all websites.

What Are the Benefits of SSL?

Increased Brand value

SSL is a fantastic way to endorse your website to your end user. It provides a trusted third party certificate communicating to your customers that they are on a valid and can be trusted website therefore adding professionalism to any website and therefore increased brand value.

Attract more shoppers

Without an SSL, businesses are not allowed to take any card details what so ever so it is a necessity if selling online. Consumers look for that trusted indicator of ‘htpps’ or the little lock symbol to give them peace of mind that the page is secure.

Increase your conversion rate

A number of studies such as one by study by Symantec showed that having an SSL certificate increased conversion rates anywhere from 18-87% across both eCommerce and lead generation websites.

Google search ranking boost

Google incorporated SSL as a ranking factor some 2 years ago and according to MOZ 50% of page one search results are HTTPS websites and predict that it will be 70% by the end of 2017. So if your competitor has all things equal in terms of their SEO strategy, having an SSL could give you that competitive edge to come out top.

We also know that Google has now begun sending notices to webmasters via Search Console if a login page or any page collecting a password is not secured over HTTPS and could have dramatic effects on your search ranking in the future.

Kick out the hackers

Phishing emails often contain links that lead unsuspecting customers to a convincing replica of an otherwise reputable website. However, the people who build these fake sites will have a hard time obtaining an authentic SSL certificate. When customers don’t see the signs of security on a site, they’re more likely to navigate away without entering any information.

Business Future Proofing

With threats mounting, companies are being prompted to adopt more advanced security measures. For companies that implement SSL now, they’ll be taking an important step toward future-proofing.

Improves Customer Trust

All of these elements work together to create trust between a customer and a business. Providing your customers with security for all of their information and giving them ways to verify that security improves confidence and helps to ensure a positive buying experience.

So, an SSL improves user experience and conversion rates, increases your ranking in search engines and has a hugely positive impact on your brand perception – so why would you not implement an SSL on your website?

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