Date9th Mar 2016
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It’s time to embrace the digital revolution in your marketing


From content marketing, SEO and personalisation to email marketing, social media and in-depth analytics, digital marketing has opened up a world of new techniques that have the potential to super charge your marketing efforts.

But with such a vast number of marketing channels available now, it’s no surprise that business owners and marketing managers are feeling spoilt for choice at best, and frozen with analysis paralysis at worst.

But there’s no reason to fear the digital elements of a marketing campaign, it’s time to embrace the latest developments and reach your customers in new and imaginative ways.


Even though the digital landscape has expanded, your customers haven’t changed, and neither have the basic principles of marketing.

Reaching your defined target market with relevant, engaging and consistent messaging in as many channels as possible remains the single best way to achieve your goals.


With the introduction of email marketing, developments in online advertising, SEO and the ever-expanding social media landscape, the potential to reach your customers with your key message is greater than ever.

An integrated marketing campaign communicates with your target markets in as many, relevant ways as deemed necessary to achieve your goals. So the digital landscape simply gives us an even bigger opportunity to get your key sales messages in front of the right people, at the right time.


Even though some of your competitors might be Periscoping the night away, sending an incredible email newsletter every week or segmenting their endless data list and creating tailored content, it doesn’t mean you have to do it too.

A bit of research and knowledge about your target market is all it takes to decide which online marketing channels are right for your business.

Are your customers spending hours on Pinterest every evening? Then Pinterest would be a great platform for you too. Are they early adopters of every new social media platform? Then you should sign up for Snapchat and peer into Periscope.

Let your target market guide you into the digital realm, choose wisely and whatever platform you choose to add to your integrated marketing campaign, do it consistently, and do it well.


The digital world will continue to grow, expand, evolve and change. It’s an exciting time to be marketing your business, so it’s important you embrace the digital era, as your customers already are.

Your key sales messages are still the most important part of your marketing strategy, once those are perfected; it’s a case of distributing those messages in an engaging and consistent manner across your chosen channels, digital or otherwise.

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed at the number of online marketing channels available to you, get in touch and we’ll steer you in the right direction.



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