Date17th Nov 2016
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Five content ideas for when you have writer’s block


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Everyone’s been there – staring at a blank word document waiting for inspiration to strike when it’s time to write your next blog post.

But you don’t have to feel stuck, there are plenty of topics you can write about that will be valuable to your customers. Take your pick from our five content ideas below and get cracking!


Have you won an award recently? Employed some new team members or added another service to your offering?

Your customers will love a little peek behind the scenes at what’s been happening in your world.


Position yourself as an expert by offering your opinion or commentary on something that’s happening in your industry.

Maybe there’s a new piece of technology that’s changing the game, or a change in legislation that will have an impact on your customers.


Do your customers ask you the same thing over and over again? Share a step-by-step guide as a blog post so you can not only educate newcomers to your industry, but direct repeat questions to the blog post in your archive!


It feels amazing when a customer says ‘thank you’ – so why not ask them for testimonials to share how great your products and services are with the wider world?


There’s always someone that’s hard to buy for, so you could give your customers a helping hand by compiling a gift list.

Curate a list of useful items with a few of your own products for the perfect mix of helpful and salesy.

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