Date19th Dec 2019
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AuthorLauren Kirkland

Boxed Red’s Super SEO Tips

SEO has been one of the biggest buzzwords this year, and it’s no wonder when you hear of all the benefits you can reap from using it as one of your must-have marketing tools (have a read of our blog to see why you need it in your marketing strategies here). With just 6 sleeps to go until Christmas day, and being experts in all things SEO, we’re giving you 6 super SEO tips on how to get as much success from it as possible!


  1. Write for your audience first, then write for a search engine

Overwhelming your copy with key words will not only make it a confusing and potentially uninteresting read, it will also make no difference to your SEO score. Relevancy is key. Write high-quality content to make it interesting and engaging for your audience first, and then go back into the copy and use the relevant key words you’ve chosen for your copy where they fit in well.


  1. Keep your key words relevant, even if that means changing them up every month

Search algorithms are constantly changing, which means you have to change with the times too! Before your copy is ready to go live online, be sure to research thoroughly into what search terms are popular for your industry and change any that are outdated.


  1. Find Low Competition Keywords for the Best Shot at Ranking Quickly

If you’re writing copy for a new website with low authority, you’ll find it harder to rank for competitive keywords. Therefore, it makes sense to first target less competitive keywords, as this is the quickest way to grow your search traffic generate awareness.


  1. Have website analytics (such as Google analytics) in place from the beginning

By setting up analytics from the get-go, you can accurately measure your SEO success with how much traffic is coming through by organic search, identifying areas where you could improve or update your SEO strategy. For example, you can see which page is getting the most traffic from your SEO efforts, and the pages that aren’t as high are then obvious to be able go in and optimise that page’s content. This will help to bring the traffic sessions up, and overall improve your SEO score.


  1. Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page.

The meta description is the first section that people see when Google serves up your page to search users. You can use your meta descriptions to engage your audience by catching their eye, improve the relevancy of your content, and differentiate between different topics within your content.


  1. Use readable and meaningful URLs

If your URL’s contain a random mix of number and letters, both your readers and search engines won’t be able to understand it, and this can affect your SEO efforts a lot! This makes the URL memorable to the user, search engine-friendly and easy to type so no one ends up confused and SEO works in your favour.


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