Date20th Jan 2020
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AuthorJanna Caley

Meet Janna, Director of Boxed Red Marketing


Why did you set up Boxed Red Marketing Agency?

When I was the Marketing Director for property developer Dandara, I had a huge marketing budget and a drive for highly creative and fully integrated marketing campaigns for each of the property developments I looked after across the UK, Jersey and the IOM.  I could not find a marketing agency that I felt genuinely cared about my objectives and could deliver a considered integrated campaign, so I decided to make the leap and leave Dandara to give it a go myself… to deliver a truly integrated and considered approach grounded in strategic thought that actually seeks to achieve business objectives. We are now 11 years on and Boxed Red continues to go from strength to strength, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved over the past decade!

What do you love about your work?

I simply love helping businesses achieve…watching them thrive because of the help and support we have provided gives me a real buzz anda real sense of achievement.

What do you hate about your work?

I don’t hate anything in Boxed Red Marketing but I suppose the only thing I have found frustrating is when we lost a very large tender opportunity based on 1 point difference out of 1000 in a 28 way tender process!

What is your career highlight to date?

As well as helping all of our lovely clients, I am so proud of the awards we have won, demonstrating the excellence in what we produce as a team.

What is the low point in your career to date?

I lost my brother-in-lawsuddenly and tragically last year. I had no idea that grief and supporting my sister and my two young nephews could take over life and so drastically affect every aspect of it… itjust makes you appreciate those around you and the things you do have in life. My Boxed Red family were a great support, allowing me to focus on my family at that time.

What are you most proud of?

My team – they are amazing and I am so proud of their output and their loyalty and dedication not only to Boxed Red but to all our lovely clients – a real commitment to going above and beyond and delivering fantastic results. Outside of work I am most proud of my 2 gorgeous kids (I am obviously biased).

What is your favourite past time out of work?

Going for a walk with my family and my new addition to the family …. my little miniature dachshund Sammy who has become our official office dog, spending time with my extended family and my close friends, and generally eating sweets with a glass of wine (or 3)!

What are you best known for in Boxed Red?

Straight talking, asking questions that no one else will ask, a little bit of a perfectionist, an extremely messy desk and someone who eats far too many sweets.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Loyal – I am a fiercely loyal person – to my close friends, family and clients and will do anything for them. I also value it as a trait in others too.

Passionate – I am a scorpio star sign, well known for being passionate and whether you believe in star signs or not, it is definitely a trait of mine… aside from discussing my bedroom antics I am passionate and enthusiastic about the people and things in life I care about.

Caring  – I had to actually go out to my friends and ask them about this 3rdone as was unsure but all came back with this word which I was really touched by actually.

What is your favourite colour?

That is the easiest question I could ever answer….RED of course! My wardrobe, aside from black obviously, consists only of red, I have a red car, I called my company Boxed RED and not only do I like how it looks, I love what it represents – passion, strength, love, power and energy.

What is your favourite food / drink?

My fav food is a good old strawberry lace or a giant cola bottle …. Yes sweets again … sorry.. have you got the hint yet that I love sweets … ha ha!!

My fav drink is a good old glass of cold, white wine enjoyed with the hubbie, family or close friends.


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