Date17th Nov 2016
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AuthorBoxed Red

Five Facts About… Lucy


 We’re turning the spotlight on Account Director, Lucy! Did you know…

Fact No. 1

People ALWAYS pronounce my surname wrong and it’s funny, but also a bit annoying – it’s pronounced Jakes not Jacques as in the French name or even more weirdly Jacquez (Spanish-style).

Fact No. 2

I absolutely hate tomatoes and can’t eat anything that’s been within 5 feet of one.

Fact No. 3

My favourite song is Mr Brightside by The Killers

Fact No. 4

I once asked Jason Orange from Take That for a photo and he said: “Do you mind if I don’t?”, which left me hugely embarrassed.

Fact No. 5

My accent gets more and more Scottish when I speak to someone else from Scotland and am also single handedly supporting the Scottish economy with my fondness for Irn Bru.

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