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Boxed Red Games – Drop The Ball


Time flies when you’re having fun, the Boxed Red Games challenge for this month is upon us!

This time, the three departments pitted against each other in a traditional team building exercise reminiscent of 80s workplaces and excitable team leaders.

Each team was given 12 straws and 18 inches of masking tape and told to craft a container that would catch a golf ball dropped from a height of two metres.

Team Building Boxed Red

The Strategic Client Management team started strong with a basket weave affair with minimal masking tape and a solid base.

The Designers looked contemplative and didn’t actually start building until about the three-minute mark; can slow and steady win the race?

With a serious competitive streak and high from a win at our recent Sports Day, the Developers had a vision in their minds but struggled to bring it to life.

In the end, the Designers had a strong looking contraption and the Developers had screwed their basked up in frustration. The Strategic Client Managers had a great-looking basket, but would it be big enough to catch the falling golf ball?

In the end, only the Strategic Client Managers managed to capture the ball, scoring their fourth point of the year and streaking in to the lead.

Watch the Developers’ effort

Watch the Strategic Client Managers’ effort

Watch the Designers’ effort




Accounts – 4
Developers – 1
Designers – 2


January // The Big Fat Quiz of 2014

Winner – Cat (Strategic Client Managers)

February // Go-Karting

Winner – Kit (Designer)

March // Counting Beans

Winner – Shelley (Strategic Client Managers)

April & May // Knutsford Treasure Hunt

Winner, quickest time – Strategic Client Managers

Winner, highest score – Designers

June // Sports Day

Winner – Developers

July // Drop The Ball

Winner – Strategic Client Managers


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